Installation & Training

Who will train our staff and who will install any necessary software?

Being that Streamline is a 100 % online based property management software, it does not require any hardware installation, such as servers, wiring or back up hard drives.

Following a client’s sign up process, the user will then work with a Streamline customer service agent to upload company data into the Streamline software.

Due to the technical intricacies in the property management industry, Streamline offers a comprehensive start up plan to new clients, which is supervised and guided by the Streamline agent.

Streamline will provide an agent who will visit the property location for on-site training, for individuals or groups. The agent will present a broad overview to the system and a detailed description at the modular level. This means that the administrative users will be trained for the Admin Module, front desk users will be trained for the Front Desk Module, training for the Travel Agent Module, Housekeeping Module, Maintenance Module, and Owner Module will be available as well. If a property management company wants to gather a group of property owners for an owner training into their module, Streamline can accommodate this.

Our goal is to make this as seamless of a transition as possible.


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