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Beginning your search for the perfect Online Hotel Management software? Are you looking for sophisticated booking technology? Do you want your customers to be able to make reservations over the internet? Or maybe you want a complete client tracking and management system? These are some of the standard features within most premium hotel management software programs. Streamline property management software is equipped with cutting edge technology, offering the base functionality that any premium company would require. Most hotels that are interested in investing time and resources into upgrading their hotel management software are looking for more than just baseline functionality. Streamline has incorporated many comprehensive features and functionality beyond the average system to service the intricate needs that can take place in the hotel management industry.

Hotel Booking Software

Software programs that offer a wide range of functionality often times sacrifice user friendliness and ease of use due to the complexity of the program. Finding the right balance of complex technology and usability should be one of the most important considerations for any company in search of a new hotel management software system. Streamline has carefully mapped out the architecture of the system to avoid unnecessary steps and confusing navigation. Some of Streamline’s cutting edge technology includes the advanced accounting module, system action tracking, automated email system, smart credit card processing, credit card swiping, search engine optimization tool, website integration and much more. 

A hotel booking software can offer some simple features that will make the life of your employees a whole lot easier. Unfortunately some property management systems ignore the little things and create headaches for the system users. Whether it is an internal note-taking system, reservation status flags, reservation bucketing, explanation scrolling pop-ups, automatic folio entries, historical email referencing or more, Streamline has put the extra legwork into making sure that each company is satisfied with the immense functionality of the hotel booking software.

Managing reservations can be tricky, unforeseen circumstances can arise and having the right tools in place to handle these situations can be critical. As with any problem or crisis, preventative maintenance is the key to effective management. Streamline is equipped with resourceful tools to minimize problematic situations and keep a hotel running smoothly and efficiently. From check-in agreements, to payments, to cancellations, to refunds, to check-in/outs, to discounts and beyond all bases are covered to create the right environment for your hotel guests and users of the system. While referencing the users of the system it is important to mention that Streamline property management software integrates a savvy and eye-catching travel agent module that allows a travel agent real time access into to the hotel inventory. This travel agent module allows an agent to make real time reservations that will instantly share into the main database as each module is interlinked.

Many companies make it difficult to attain a reasonable introduction to hotel management systems. Sometimes it is because they have something to hide or they are trying to swindle you into overpaying for an inadequate product. Others simply require a detailed list of personal and company information so they can hard-sell you with pushy sales agents. Streamline offers multiple free, easy to access, compartmentalized online demonstrations. Holding firmly to the belief that Streamline sells itself, there is an emphasis on a friendly sales environment and a focus on helping the customer meet the future goals and visions of the organization. Streamline strongly encourages the no obligation, interactive online demonstration by a Streamline representative. A trained associate can assist you in determining if Streamline is the right fit for your hotel.

Hotel Reservation System

With many years experience in the hotel and travel industry it has become apparent that most first-class hotel reservation systems are exceedingly expensive. Wrongfully, this leads companies to believe that they cannot afford a software upgrade. Many hotels are looking for an affordable system with all the cutting edge technology of a premium system but are not sure where to look. Streamline has found its niche here as a premium yet affordable product perfect for many hotels across the world. Furthermore, Streamline’s marketing philosophy is that there is no company too big and no company too small to reap the benefits of the hotel reservation system.
There are two main types of systems on the market today. The first would be a 100% online-based property management software system. The second would be a system incorporating an intensive hardware and software combination. Streamline offers a hotel online reservation system. This means that Streamline does not require costly hardware products, hardware installation, or hardware maintenance. Not only does this cut costs dramatically but it simplifies the management of the system for the hotel. With Streamline It is unnecessary to hire a specialist to manage servers or system security. All security and system reliability will be managed by those who should be managing these complex matters. Dedicated and reputable firms that specialize in matters such as server consistency, database backing, and external system penetration will administer these issues, such that is not your responsibility.


Hotel Management Reservation Resort Software

Any property management company looking to position itself for the future should ask themselves where the world is headed with hotel management reservation resort software programs. With software technology growing and improving at a rapid and unyielding pace online systems will become the new prototype and the hardware systems will be the way of the past. Some advantages of an online system are that they alleviate hardware costs; they allow system users to travel and stay hands on with the property from anywhere in the world; they are more secure/reliable; and they save companies time by allowing the system to maintain itself. Sure hardware systems have some minor benefits and are right for some companies, but in general principle they are far outweighed by the critical advantages of a sophisticated software system.
With many types of property management companies out there, Streamline is not limited only to hotels. Servicing the majority of all property management companies if you are a property manager servicing condos, timeshares, fractional ownership etc., Streamline has a wide range of functionality for these organizations with their own intricate needs. If there happens to be gaps in functionality, Streamline is diligent on implementing additional logic into the system to accommodate new and current customers. Streamline invites all potential clients to view one of our online demonstrations, or to contact a Streamline representative to introduce you to the system.

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